Welcome to the Balecaster System

998.M41 Sudden warp storms have caused a number of competing armadas to seek shelter in the Balecaster system. A massive asteroid belt has smashed many of the ships escaping the warp chaos, forcing emergency landings to the planet’s surface. This small feudal backwater world has limited industry and therefore little scope to repair the damaged craft. A rusting space hulk orbits the planet, the Oblivion’s Embrace, a gigantic remnant of some epic space battle. A number of this world’s inhabitants claim to be descendants of the hulk’s surviving crew. Attempts have been made to salvage sections of the ship’s carcass with some areas turned into makeshift space ports. Control of the space hulk and its resources will be vital for both planetary control and any future escape plans. 

With the limited forces available, it’s obvious that you need to band together with some allies in order to survive in the short term. You’ll also need to make plans to plunder the space hulk that will allow you to flee this inaccessible planet. The ship wrecked armies have quickly secured the small settlements that exist on the planet. Some kicking the original inhabitants out, others putting them to work as slaves and a few helping reinforce the natives build a better future. This far-flung corner of the Imperium, being only able to produce post-industrial weaponry, was no match for more battle-hardened forces. From these hastily constructed bases, it is now time to sally forth and claim as much of the continent as possible to ensure the continued survival of your alliance. 

Warhammer 40k Crusade Campaign

We are going to be running an “allied” Warhammer 40k campaign – you will be paired off with a number of your competing players. These will be chosen partly at random and partly on ability to ensure a more balanced alliance. It will not be based on similar armies – there will be some unusual bedfellows making the best of what they have. 

Joining the Crusade

Each month we will provide at least three missions for you to play. You can play and score two of these missions per month. Any additional missions will not be counted and those games will not add anything to your campaign armies in terms of XP, RP or any other benefit. Your two missions are playable at your leisure within the month timeframe. 

You will be required to field a crusade force as determined by the crusade rules in the 40k rule book – essentially a 1000 point list at the outset. Your initial roster and your unit sheets must be submitted to the appropriate discord channel by the deadline date (17th of August). You will be fighting over a physical map to try and take control of as much of the landmass as possible. 

Details for army construction will be available next week, your full roster and your entry application will be required to be submitted by midnight on Thursday the 17th of August and the first week of the campaign will be Thursday the 24th of August. 


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