Data Intercept – Week 6 Update

You Uncover the following while ‘Salvaging’ on the SpaceHulk

It would appear these are not merely orbital bombardment weapons but highly specialised mining lasers. There is a log of their operations. Many standard messages around calibrations and calculations but two of them stand out from the rest as they do not contain any of the calculations of the remaining impenetrable messages:

648.M41 The planet’s core appears to be heating up. We had our fears around this when we first surveyed the planet and saw unusual geothermal activity. The study of the planet will take some time but we estimate that we have 350 years before there is a major planetary seismic event. We will continue to study the rate of change and see what will occur when we use the seismic beam. 

The beam will need to be calibrated from the results, but given our previous experience within this sphere we do not believe there is an issue. We can use the seismic beam to allow the excess energy from the planet’s core to escape harmlessly by creating an additional volcano on the other side of the planet to the main landmass. Although this will have some ecological impact, the impact should we do nothing is substantial. We would expect the seismic activity to render the planet uninhabitable in a number of days should it begin. 

653.M41 We have been attacked. The attackers were bested – a number of their ships burned up in the atmosphere as they attempted to escape. Our defences held but a number of the installations’ life support systems have been compromised. We have sent a distress signal to the nearest Imperial outpost. There is little for it but to mothball the station and use the shuttles to land on the planet. We have significant supplies and can set up camp awaiting rescue. There is substantial time before the planet’s seismic activity reduces the surface to ash. We have calculated what is required but, given the nature of our power situation, we will await resupply before we reboot the facilities seismic operations. 

Campaign Map Updates

War on the Surface

Most teams have continued to expand their control over more of the surface campaign map, despite Green team dropping a nuke on the capital city of Nova Landing. This has impacted things a bit and made it a bit risky for units starting on the board during Phase 2. As they are at a substantial risk of suffering D3 Mortal Wounds due to radioactive fallout before the game even starts. Thanks Greens!

Yellow seem to think sharing a border with everyone is a good idea, whereas Green keep sending men into the sea to ‘capture’ the Whirlpool sited just off the coast, those poor brave fools! Though undoubtedly something about the swirling waves could be considered mildly hypnotic. There has been reports of some unlikely alliances fighting under that banner. Maybe its part of some sort of ritual? Sounds like the Inquisition might want to take a look at that.

It won’t be long now till alliances will have to forcibly take their competitor’s territory.

War in Orbit

The Battle on the Space Hulk has been a bit slow, although Purple team has made some significant gains, and solidified their foothold. However the Greens still hold, as of yet two unused launch sites.


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