The War Has Escalated..

Nova Landing is gone. Obliterated. Irradiated. 

With one of the space stations barrage weapons having been dropped from orbit there remains little but a smoking husk of the once thriving settlement. The remaining settlers have fled the burning city and the immediate fall out from the explosion. Refugees now clog up the roads to the remaining settlements putting pressure on this world’s limited resources that are already being fought over by the warring alliances. 

Looting and death plague this world outside the borders of the alliance looking for peace if only to protect their own supplies.

Who’s Responsible for Nuking the Planet?

At the start of Phase 2, on Thursday night, the Green team, having taken one of the Nuclear Launch Sites on the Campaign map. Decided to fire it at the capital city Nova Landing, even with an Ork responsible for firing the weapon, they managed to score a direct hit on the city centre. Well done Neil!

Most of Nova Landing is now an irradiated wasteland and covered in toxic smog for the remainder of Phase 2, preventing any teams from capturing the hexes adjacent to ground zero, where the warhead hit.

This will obviously impact the rest of this Phase of the Crusade, although more importantly is the fact that the Green team currently control 2 more Nuclear Lunch Sites, which still have warheads…

New Phase 2 Rule – Rad Bombardment

If you are playing a game on the surface during Phase 2 of the campaign, then the following applies:

Before Turn 1, after both players have set up but before any other moves have been made, Roll a D6 for every unit on the battlefield. On a 3+ that unit suffers D3 Mortal Wounds. 


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