New Gothic Ruins Terrain

New Terrain for the Club

It’s been a while since we had some new terrain at the club (not counting the refinery terrain that Stephen has been bringing along and is working on). With the recent surge in tables required and more people coming along on a regular basis, in part due to Simon’s Warhammer 40k Crusade. We found that we were often running out of good terrain to play on.

As such, some of the committee, i.e. Dan & Stephen. Decided to get work done on some of those terrain projects that have been floating around for a while.

Dan was able to finish working on the Gothic Ruins set and dropping it off last Thursday. Some of you may have seen these new ruins briefly, but here’s a better look.

This set of terrain will be suitable for battles in the grimdark setting of Warhammer 40k but would also be ideally suited for the likes of Bolt Action or almost any other wargames at the 28-32mm scale. As the terrain is fairly non-descript gothic ruins, without anything tying it into a certain system or era.

I’m sure we can all agree that he’s done a great job dirtying these up and making them look properly war-torn, almost as if the all that remained of a city after someone dropped a nuke on it.

Our favourite piece has to be the ruined cathedral which will make for a great centrepiece on the battlefield.

We also have plenty of corner ruins that are one, two and three levels in height

We may have even made too much of this terrain! As it could be a fairly busy table if we fired all of it down, seeing as we also have the 3 bombed out buildings below.

Where to Get This Terrain?

I 3D printed this terrain along with a lot of other stuff for the club, most of which comes from the designer/creator Sacrusmunus. Check him out, especially if you have a PLA 3D printer, his stuff is excellent! An added benefit is that it all of his designs print without any supports. Resulting in almost no wasted PLA and much easier cleanup. I’ve honestly yet to find a creator half as good.

You can also treat this as a sneak peak as to what other sets of terrain we may see at the club in the near future. I’ve personally got another 3 full sets of terrain of terrain waiting to be worked on…

Making it all Possible

We have the benefit of being able to play on excellent terrain most nights at the club. Which is part of the high standard we initially set and want to maintain. As we grow, we’ll obviously need more, but thanks to support from the National Lottery. We are able to provide that, while keeping our entry and running costs relatively low.


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