Phase 3 – Aggressive Expansion

Nova Landing left a Barren Wasteland

The smoke clears. Possibly faster than it should have in normal circumstances. But these are not normal times, far from it. The locals that you’ve collaborated with/enslaved/imprisoned have told you that winds this strong are rare. The weather on this continent usually mild and temperate rather than stormy and savage. But things have changed – the city centre of Nova Landing has been annihilated by nuclear fire. It’s suburbs, first abandoned from the death and destruction are now clogged with refugees. Escaping from one firestorm into the aftermath of another. And the planet is dying, this much is clear. The data from the imperial habitat orbiting the planet seems accurate. Even as your arrival on the edge of this precipice seems untimely. Maybe the fickle gods of chaos knew of this planet’s destiny, the Warp storms trapping you here, with the clock about to strike midnight, some grim joke whose punchline has all but been written.

There are limited choices left. And even more limited time. You are not all getting off this planet. You are not all surviving. The planet could be saved or you might be able to fashion an escape from the jaws of obliteration but you’ll need more. More resources, more parts from the crashed ships, more locals assisting you to achieve your end. Which means taking them from elsewhere, from one of the rising powers that now covet these lands. But then it was always to be this way, through one fate or another, it is simply the timescale that has shrunk. For better or worse it is time to make one of those choices…

Phase 2 Recap

A lot has happened and there are only a couple games left to get in for Phase 2 if folks are able to do so.

The Greens took all of the nuclear launch sites on the Space Hulk map and proceeded to nuke the capital city Nova Landing, creating radioactive fallout damage for everyone playing games on the surface!

All of the teams have expanded their influence with quick land grabs and most have now found themselves with no unclaimed land nearby. This has led to some of the first forceable removals of rival factions from an area as the Greens kicked Orange team out of their initial starting location, Bannerman’s Rest.

Kicking off Phase 3 of the Crusade

Phase 3 of our Warhammer 40k Crusade starts from the 19th of October, this will be during the October week and as such will be when we are at Muirfield.

The initial radiation spike from the nuclear blast has faded, there’s no need to roll for damage at the start of every battle in Phase 3 yet… but there are more warheads on the Space Hulk, with some gleeful Greenskins ready to rain more destruction on those below. 

Although the city centre is now a barren wasteland, you will now be able to take the hexes near the city centre with the radiation having dissipated. 

You will note from the Data Intercept that the world is in trouble, and that at some point in the future it is going to matter how many resources you have and whether you choose to save this planet or just save yourselves. 

Missions for Phase 3

This month we have the usual three possible missions for you to choose from, but there’s a catch – if you opt for a “land battle” then you will be randomly selected which mission you are to undertake. These are more asymmetric than the missions have been in the past (excluding the boarding actions missions) – the first mission Screaming into the Void has the more highly ranked player as the attacker, whereas Flanking Manoeuvre has the more lowly ranked player as the attacker. If you select a land mission for both of your missions I will endeavour to give you a chance to be both an attacker and a defender (though please remember it doesn’t always work out that way!).

For battles on the Space Hulk this phase we have Desperate Hold Out.

Happy Crusading! 


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