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terrain fit for the underhive

Making The Club’s Necromunda Terrain

Check out the Necromunda Terrain we've been working on

space wolves vs votann at crossfire gaming club

End of the Year Wrap Up

A look back at 2023, having played our last games this year.

crossfire gaming club new committee member

Meet Our Newest Committee Member

We welcome the newest member to the committee

Crossfire Gaming Club Pizza Night

21st Dec is Pizza Night

Our last night of the year, come & grab some Pizza!

New Promethium Refinery Terrain

Check out our new Promethium Refinery terrain!

What's planned for 2024 at Crossfire Gaming Club

What’s Planned for 2024

We've already got a few things planned for 2024, check out what's coming

Crusade Week 12 Summary & Map Bonuses

The results from week 12 and team buffs going into week 13

Crusade Week 11 Updates

The front lines are being increasingly redrawn this week

new gaming mats at Crossfire Gaming Club

New Gaming Mats

We got some new gaming mats for the club!