Crossfire is One Year Old!

Happy Birthday Crossfire Gaming Club

It’s hard to think that just over a year ago, the Crossfire Committee first got together one cold December evening at the Craigmarloch Lodge. At the time, some of us hadn’t even met each other but we were all keen to improve the gaming scene locally. So we hashed out a plan for starting a small gaming club, began the search for a suitable venue and agreed to reconvene a couple weeks later. In fact you can view the meeting minutes from those initial catch ups and what was discussed.

Our First Day

crossfire gaming club first night

The club officially opened its doors on the 2nd of February 2023. We honestly didn’t know what to expect, how many people would be interested or what game systems they’d play. Though it was always the plan from the start that we’d provide a friendly, fun and safe environment, where people felt welcomed and part of the community. We expected Warhammer 40k to be popular but have always been content to provide a space to allow people to play what they want.

We started with a pretty humble goal of filling 6 tables and thought if we achieved that we’d be doing great. Now it’s rare that we have less than 15 booked every night and we’re starting to think about how best to use the space to allow for more games.

The Club Grew a Lot in One Year!

busy club night at crossfire

As the club has grown it’s allowed us to invest more into it. Expanding our terrain, buying more mats, running massive narrative campaigns, providing hobby materials and supplies, supporting more game systems, adding to our Board Games collection, getting more starter sets and running more intro games.

We are still looking to do more and have a few things planned already for 2024. So should be plenty to keep us busy!

We’re also trying to secure more use of the Hall over holidays and weekends. It’d be great to run some weekend events!

One Year on After Starting a Club

I can comfortably say that everyone on the committee has been completely blown away with how quickly we’ve grown. As well as just how great and friendly a community Crossfire has become. It’s a fantastic club to be part of, full of brilliant people and we feel very privileged to be involved with and having had the chance to meet and play games with you all. Long may it continue!

We look forward to catching up on Thursday, where there the club will be providing free cakes & a drink for everyone that can make it along to celebrate!

As ever, we are always open to suggestions and ideas to improve the club. So do make sure to let us know!


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